Welcome to Centsable Coupon Lady!

We first started CentsableCouponLady to help others learn how to save money by using coupons. However, as the months have passed and my everyday life has taken over we have found it hard to keep up with the Daily Deals and all the Coupons as I would like.

For now we have chosen to offer  reviews/giveaways , Recipes, Crafts, Tips and any other fun thing we can find. We enjoy posting reviews and giveaways so if your company has a review product that we can offer our readers please email us you can find the information above under Giveaways and Reviews.

We are also a site built on coupons. We used a coupon for hosting, which came with a free domain name, and used a free giveaway on this premium WordPress theme. You can pretty much find anything at a steep discount if you coupon hard enough!

We may not post as many coupon deals as some coupon sites do but we will post what we can when we can. Theres plenty to check out. Couponing may be part of our name but you don’t have to coupon to LIKE us. Your bound to enjoy us in other ways either from the giveaways, reviews, crafts, tips, recipes or other finds we post ! Thanks for checking us out please tell your friends about us!

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