Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck On Your E-Cig Purchases Using Coupons

Coupon codes are one of the best ways to save a good amount of cash on your e-cig purchases. As any smoker would confirm, smoking can sometimes be quite expensive. While switching to e-cigs has been considered to be a much healthier and cheaper alternative, the investment that you need to make the initial starter kit can still be huge. Using coupon codes, however, can be a great way to save a big chunk of your hard earned bucks.

There are lots of e-cig brands that offer lucrative coupons codes all the year around to encourage consumers to purchase directly through them. Besides the saving benefits that consumers stand to gain, making purchases using these coupons also eliminate the risks associated with buying fake e-cig replicas that may contain low-quality flavors and other harmful chemicals. The e-cig companies also get an opportunity to grow and thrive as they sell online without incurring unnecessary overhead costs. In fact, every year the market grows fast, and the business keeps getting better and better.

Getting the Most Out Of Your E-Cig Couponing Experience

Like any other products in the market, many people collect all kinds of coupons—save coupons, clip coupons, organize coupons etc—and take them to various e-cig stores, only to save 5 percent or less on their entire e-cig products orders. Such small amounts may hardly seem worthwhile, especially when you consider what it sometimes takes to land coupon deals.

If you have faced similar frustrations, you need to understand that you are not alone—a lot of people don’t understand how they can maximize their savings when using coupons. Without much ado, therefore, below are a few strategies that you can leverage on to get the most of your e-cig coupons:

1. Avoid Being Loyal To A Brand

When you opt for coupon codes, there are high chances that you are looking for ways to save some cash for other things in life. Accordingly, this is not the right time to be loyal to a given brand. Your goal is to save some money, and you can’t do much if you pass good deals simply because you prefer a different e-cig brand. If you can buy an e-cig brand or a necessary accessory for free or at a price that’s close to free, you shouldn’t worry about your favorite brands; just capitalize on the savings.

2. Never Chase every Great Deal

Only buy what you need. By going after every great deal, you will end up buying items that you don’t need or buy items that will expire before you get a chance to use them. What’s more, jumping on every e-cig deal will lighten your wallet, and defeat the whole purpose of couponing.

To avoid the temptation of going after miscellaneous deals, know exactly what you are going to buy before you enter the e-cig store, buy it, and get out of the store. Staying in the store for too long will expose you to their marketing ploys, and you may end up buying unnecessary items or spending more money.

3. Understand Your Price Points

For every c-cig item in the store, you need to understand the following:

• Average Price: Understand the average price of the e-cig brands and accessories that you use on a daily basis. If possible, strive to keep a list of the average prices of the products that you often purchase. When coupons on the products go on offer, you will be better equipped to establish whether the offer is really a deal.

• Maximum Price: Understand the maximum price that you would ever pay for a given product. Strive to buy only one or two items at this price, and only when necessary.

• The Deal Price: This is usually the price that you should pay for a product when it is on sale and you happen to have a coupon. If the sale meets your preferences or qualification for the deal price, you can go ahead and purchase enough to last you until your next purchase.

• Stock-up/Rock Bottom Price: when the sale on a given e-cig product and a coupon results into the lowest price that you might not find anywhere else, buy as many items as you can afford.


Couponing is a great skill that can benefit you irrespective of the item that you choose to purchase. In the e-cig industry, bigger players such as the Vapor 4 Life Coupons 2018 and Volcano E Cigs Coupon Codes are known to provide latest and greatest season offers that you will never find anywhere else. To take advantage of their rare offers, you can sign up for their mailing lists to automatically enter coupon related contests and get some of the latest deals first! Signing for saving or reward cards can also go a long way in getting you additional coupon deals.

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How To Save Money With Direct Vapor Coupons

Cigarette smoking has adverse effects on the body. That is why every smoker should consider quitting or finding a substitute. The top two alternatives to cigarette smoking are; nicotine patches and e-cigs. Unfortunately, the former cannot give you the nicotine dose your body needs. Furthermore, you are used to holding a cigarette in your hands and placing it in your mouth to inhale the nicotine-filled smoke. This makes e-cigs the better option.

Why Stop Smoking?

Cigarette smoking has been linked to a wide range of health problems, key among them being lung cancer. You do not want to develop cancer and a number of other health problems just because you want to get nicotine into your system. There are better ways of achieving this goal. That is why e-cigs come highly recommended. They only produce a nicotine mist, so there is no smoke or dangerous fumes to inhale.

Secondly, cigarette smoking has been banned almost everywhere. This means that you cannot get your dose of nicotine whenever you need it because the smoke may activate smoke detectors and affect other people who are around you. After all, smokers normally produce secondary smoke after taking a puff. This secondary smoke is said to be just as harmful as primary smoke.

Switching to e-cigs, or vapes can save you a lot of money over time. While the initial investment might be higher than the cost of buying a few packs of cigarettes, the investment can be recouped in a few months. This means that you can enjoy affordable smoking for a long time. This is a good reason to invest in an e-cig.

There are many fires that have been caused by improper disposal of filters or matches that are still lit. At home, such a fire can cause extensive property damage as well as injuries. In the outdoors, these fires can grow and destroy neighborhoods and forests. With e-cigs, the risk of a fire is non-existent.

Shopping at Direct Vapor

When you have decided to make the switch to e-cigs, the first thing you need to do is buy an e-cig starter kit. This will cost you around $70 depending on where you make your purchase. The beauty of shopping at Direct Vapor is that products are competitively priced, so you can be assured of buying the starter kit, hardware, accessories and consumables at the lowest prices on the market. The company offers a price guarantee, which basically means that if you can find a vendor quoting a lower price for a particular product than what is quoted at Direct Vapor, the company will give you a discount on the spot to ensure the price matches what competitors have quoted. This price guarantee can go a long way in ensuring you get the best value for money.

Another benefit of buying vaping products at Direct Vapor is that there are many coupons you can use when shopping to save money. For instance, you can use a coupon offering free shipping of any product you purchase. The coupon does not have any minimum requirements, so anything you buy will come with free shipping; other firms normally offer free shipping coupons for purchases exceeding $100, and so on. Depending on the purchase you are making, the free shipping coupons offered by Direct Vapor can save you anything from 5% to 20%.

There are many other types of coupons that you can claim and redeem. Please note that these coupons apply to certain products only. For instance, there are Direct Vapor coupons for e-liquids as well as coupons for starter kits. The Exclusive Direct Vapor coupon can also save you a lot of money if you choose it. The company also offers special coupons for the ‘Deal of the Week’. If the product you want to purchase has been listed as the deal of the week, you can claim this coupon to reduce the purchase price.

Direct Vapor also offers coupons for special occasions, such as Valentines Day, Easter and Father’s Day among others. When doing your shopping during these special dates, you can redeem the appropriate Direct Vapor coupon and save on the purchase.

Where to Find Direct Vapor Coupons

The best place to find coupons offered by Direct Vapor is on the website of the company. However, you can also find these coupons on websites that publish coupons offered by e-cig vendors. For instance, you can find most of the coupons on, so you do not need to look far. The site also has many other non-coupon related content that you may find useful. For instance, you will find information on warranties offered on Direct Vapor products as well as the return policy of the company, information on the affiliate program and many other things that you may find useful as far as electronic cigarettes are concerned.

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How To Save With Vape Coupons 2018

There are only a handful of ways to save money when going shopping. The first, and most popular, is to negotiate the price with the seller. However, this is not always possible, especially when shopping online. The second option is to wait for special sales and promotions where vendors normally quote lower than normal prices for all of their products or just a select few. During a special sale, shoppers can save a considerable amount of money, sometimes even half the listed price. However, sales are only held a couple of times every year, sometimes even once, and there is no way of knowing when a sale is going to be announced. The third option is to use coupon, promo and discount codes. There are many retail outlets offering coupon codes to consumers. With these coupons, you can save a considerable amount of money each time you make a purchase. In that regard, Madvapes coupons 2018 can help you save money on vaping hardware, accessories, and consumables.

Why Buy Vapes?

If you are worried about the health implications of smoking cigarettes, it is important you start looking for substitutes, especially if you are already addicted to smoking. While there are chewing gums and patches that can provide you with all the nicotine you need, these options are usually inconvenient. After all, you are used to inhaling smoke containing nicotine. However, there is some good news; you can now get your nicotine dose without inhaling harmful gasses, chewing gums endlessly or wearing patches throughout the day. All you need to do is buy an e-cig.

An electronic cigarette, as the name suggests, is a battery-powered device that provides the user with the nicotine they need whenever they need it. An e-cig contains three key components. The first is the cartridge, which holds the nicotine liquid, or e-liquid as most people call it. The cartridge may or may not have a wick/sponge, depending on the e-cig model you choose. The beauty of buying an e-cig cartridge that does not have a wick or sponge is that you will be able to see the level of e-liquid remaining in the cartridge. If the cartridge is almost empty, you can get a refill quickly. If you have a cartridge that has a wick or sponge, you will only find out that the cartridge is empty after getting some empty puffs.

The second component in an e-cig is the atomizer. This is responsible for converting the e-liquid into a nicotine mist or vapor. The atomizer is an electrical component with a heating element that heats up the nicotine liquid to convert it into a vapor. The atomizer gets power from the battery. The modern vape has a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which provides the energy needed to make the vape work. Since an e-cig cannot work without the battery, it is important you buy a battery with an energy storage capacity of at least 3000mAh. Anything less than this will force you to recharge the e-cig frequently.

Buying a Starter Kit and Accessories

Whether you need a starter kit, battery, atomizer, cartridge, e-juice or an accessory, you can find exactly what you need online. Since prices normally differ from one dealer to the next, it is important you take your time to search the internet for the most competitively priced e-cig products. The good news is that Madvapes has a wide range of vaping products that are competitively priced. This means you can find any vaping product that you are looking for at Madvapes. The best thing about shopping at Madvapes is that you will get a chance to save a lot of money by redeeming Madvapes coupons.

Madvapes Coupons 

When you visit the Madvapes online store, you can buy a starter kit and e-juice. If you already have a working vape, you can visit the store to purchase a new battery because the battery you have has become inefficient as far as holding power goes. If you have run out of e-liquid, you can visit the store to buy your preferred e-liquid flavor. There are also some accessories that you can buy to enhance your vaping experience. Whatever the case, you can save a lot of money by redeeming a coupon. The following are some Madvapes coupons that are currently available to consumers:

– 15% Off Some E-Liquids: Madvapes is offering a discount of 15% off the listed price of certain e-liquids. Be sure to visit the Madvapes website to check the list of e-liquids that come with this discount.

– Free Shipping for Orders Exceeding $100: Most e-cig vendors normally quote competitive prices for their products, but they charge exorbitant rates for delivery. With Madvapes, you can be assured of free shipping whenever you buy products worth at least $100.

– 80% Off Sale Items: Madvapes is offering a discount of up to 80% on sale items. To check how much you can save, all you need to do is check the list of sale items.

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How To Save More Money During Your First Week Of Vaping

Quitting smoking is always a daunting feat. Most people have tried and failed before, which makes the path that lies ahead of them all the more daunting. Surprisingly, however, countless consumers have experienced tremendous success with vaping products. Switching to a vape mod will allow you to satisfy your nicotine cravings, while gradually tapering your nicotine dose. There’s still a lot of debate about the health benefits of using vaping devices as cessation tools and yet, tons of consumers report breathing easier, spending less, smelling better, and being able to taste their food more fully among many other things. If you’re just starting out, however, there are a few, key things that you need to do to keep your spending under control, especially when you are just getting started.

Know Your Correct Nicotine Dose

If you don’t take the time to accurately determine your starting nicotine dose, you could wind up struggling with a fast-growing, vaping habit. Not getting enough nicotine in your system will make it necessary to vape more often than you’re used to smoking, which will use your e-juice up fast. Although you might be in a hurry to put your smoking days behind you entirely, it is still important to implement a manageable and entirely reasonable schedule for weaning yourself off of nicotine. Not only is this better for your cessation plan than a more aggressive weaning schedule, but it can also be better for your pocketbook as well.

Don’t Overspend On A High-Cost Mod Before You Know What You Like

Take some time to define your interests and needs before investing in the most expensive mod you can find. You may find that a basic product that lacks all of the high-cost bells and whistles of more intricate mods suits your needs just fine. After several weeks or months of vaping, you’ll have a much better ability to make informed purchasing decisions and to find a unit that not only works good, but that also fits your budget.

Spend Some Time Searching For Vaping Coupons And Other Discounts

You should never pay full cost for your vaping supplies if you don’t have to. You can find online coupons that can be printed out and used in-store, and you can also find a broad range of digital, promotional codes that can be applied to your online purchases. There are even a number of sellers that offer totally free shipping, and that maintain expansive clearance sections that are rich with desirable vaping mods, ejuice flavors and vaping accessories that can be purchased at unbeatable prices.

Join Vaping Company Mailing Lists To Get More Coupons

The best thing that you can do before putting your cessation plan in action is to join the mailing lists of a few, reputable companies. Most of these entities will have opt-in forms right on their websites. You might think that you’re unwilling to be inundated with marketing offers from these companies, but you’ll be delighted to have customized and considerable discounts sent right to your inbox. There are massive, online vaping suppliers, many of which have local, brick and mortar stores that you can visit as well. There are also a number of big-name vaping manufacturers that sell their customers to products direct. This means that there are multiple ways to find Myfreedomsmokes coupons to help offset the costs of your online and in-store purchases. Familiarizing yourself with these businesses and taking advantage of all of their introductory, seasonal and limited-time offers is absolutely essential for keeping your vaping costs under control.

Never Underestimate The Benefit Of Visiting Third-Party Coupon Sites

While joining the mailing lists of vaping suppliers and vaping product manufacturers is definitely a great way to get good deals, you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of visiting third-party coupon sites as well. Some of these platforms have a very expansive range of deals, given that they’re used to accommodating vast and very general audiences. Some have mailing lists and on-site features for consumers who are looking for deals on very specific products. By taking advantage of the offers that these entities supply, you can cut your spending considerably, especially as you shop around for larger products, like a high-end vaping mod. Best of all, you may even be able to pair savings offers that are gleaned from these platforms, with the deals that have been sent directly to your inbox as the result of your mailing list subscriptions.

See If You Can Pair Your Deals

Whether cashing in Myfreedomsmokes coupons or using printable, in-store discounts from other companies, see if you can enhance your savings by pairing two or more offers together. This is not always possible given the restrictions that sellers and manufacturers are known to place on these offers. Take the time to read through the terms and conditions of each deal to know more about expiration dates and the different ways in which they can be applied to your purchases.

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The Best Coupon Codes

Thanks to Internet and e-commerce sites, it has become easier to order almost all types of products from home. You can order products that are not available in local stores or which will require visiting stores. There are dozens of electronic cigarette manufacturers. Now you can order their products online. A big advantage of ordering your e-cig items online is that you can take advantage of digital coupon codes. Save the coupons – the best coupon codes are available online now.

With the help of discount coupon codes, you can reduce your costs of buying expensive e-cig items. Some types of ecig products can be very expensive, especially if you order top quality products from major brands. Some products have expensive parts and components that increase the cost of final product. You will save a lot of money when you buy such items using coupon codes.

The digital coupon codes are easy to find and use. Just visit the website that lists such coupon codes. You will see images of coupons that look similar to printed coupons you generally see in your local newspapers. The difference is that here you will see coupons in the form of digital images. Find the deal you are searching and click the coupon image. Once you click the “Reveal Coupon Code” button, it will show you a code. Use this code at the given website during the checkout process. The discount of the coupon will be applied to the total cost of the product price and shipping charge. Such discount codes are available for both products and shipping. In case of shipping discount code, you will generally get free shipping offer. Your enjoyment of vaping will increase manifold when you are able to buy your electronic cigarette products at highly reduced prices.

You must remember that a coupon code will work only on a specific website. Read this detail before using your coupon code. There will be usual terms and conditions which you should read before using the coupon codes. Some discounts are available only for a short period of time so if you find an attractive deal, snap it up immediately or it may be gone when you come back. You can find promo codes for all major brands of e-cigs. The coupon codes are available for the products of Direct Vapor, VaporFi, Blu, V2, Halo, Bedford Slims, JUUL, Apollo, Green Smoke, MIG Vapor, Firefly, Davinci IQ, and many others.

Coupon codes are available for specific brands of products as well as specific categories of products. In case of latter, you will find discount codes for product categories like e-liquids, atomizers, tanks, batteries, and chargers. There are shipping promo codes that have free shipping offer. You can find all such discount codes for hot selling, the latest and general category e-cig products. There are website specific discount codes that can be used to buy any type of product at the given website. Use such a code to order your e-cig products at a discount.

Do not be shy of availing such discounts. You can save a lot of money over months and years if you are a regular user of electronic cigarette. The money you save this way can be used to buy better quality ecig models, accessories, and supplies, or for any other purpose. Always use coupon codes sourced from a reliable discount deal website. Discounts of 5-50 percent or even higher are available. These deals are available mainly for online orders. A coupon code can be used only once. The selling websites allow the use of only one type of discount on a product so look for a coupon code that offers a maximum discount. Some codes offer both product price discount and free shipping.

You should always read reviews and information related to a product before buying it. It will help you avoid buying products that have poor quality or other issues. Some e-liquids may not match your preferred flavor and throat hit quality. Check all such information before ordering e-cig products of a particular brand. If you are a regular user of electronic cigarette, look out for special occasion promo codes that run only on special occasions. You can find coupon codes related to special days and events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Valentine Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father;s Day, and Deal of the Week, among many others.

For brand specific discount, search coupon codes for that brand only. For example, when you search “coupon code Direct Vapor“, you will find discount coupons related to only this brand of products. Keep in mind that a coupon code is valid only for a specific period of time. Use the code within that specified time limit. Now you can order premium starter kits, mods, e-liquids and accessories at less than the market price. Start saving money with the help of these discount codes. Act quickly when you see a promo code for your favorite product. Visit the deal website regularly because new discount deals are listed often. Sign up now to receive email notification on money saving promo codes. Buy e-cig starter kits, mods, e-juices, atomizers and other products at lower prices.

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