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Do you drink wine? Ever wish that your wine would stay chilled during the length of your party , dinner etc.? I think I found the perfect way to keep it chilled and not have to worry about it turning warm. It’s the perfect way to keep Red or White wine cold. In fact this probably would make the perfect conversation piece. Its called THE CORKCICLE.


The Corkcicle is an easy way to chill wine without having to use a ice bucket. Basically you pre chill your wine bottle, pour some of the wine out (about a sips worth or so) to avoid the overflow and insert the CorkCicle. Before you serve the wine you remove the CorkCicle from the bottle. In the mean time Corkcicle keeps your win chilled. It keeps both Red Wine and White Wine at the perfect temperature.

Corkcicle is very easy to use and instructions are very simple!

Just chill for 2 hours. Once the 2 hours have past, open the Wine bottle, pour out a cup of wine enjoy, in the mean time insert the Corkcicle into the chilled bottle. Now you can enjoy a bottle of red or white wine at perfect temperature. Clean the corkcicle up wash and rinse it in the sink. Re Use after cleaning and refreezing. Its that simple! The Corkcicle runs $22.95. Its definitely one of those items that everyone talks about at the party!

Check Corkcicle out next time you need to keep that wine chilled. You can purchase the product here.