Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck On Your E-Cig Purchases Using Coupons

Coupon codes are one of the best ways to save a good amount of cash on your e-cig purchases. As any smoker would confirm, smoking can sometimes be quite expensive. While switching to e-cigs has been considered to be a much healthier and cheaper alternative, the investment that you need to make the initial starter kit can still be huge. Using coupon codes, however, can be a great way to save a big chunk of your hard earned bucks.

There are lots of e-cig brands that offer lucrative coupons codes all the year around to encourage consumers to purchase directly through them. Besides the saving benefits that consumers stand to gain, making purchases using these coupons also eliminate the risks associated with buying fake e-cig replicas that may contain low-quality flavors and other harmful chemicals. The e-cig companies also get an opportunity to grow and thrive as they sell online without incurring unnecessary overhead costs. In fact, every year the market grows fast, and the business keeps getting better and better.

Getting the Most Out Of Your E-Cig Couponing Experience

Like any other products in the market, many people collect all kinds of coupons—save coupons, clip coupons, organize coupons etc—and take them to various e-cig stores, only to save 5 percent or less on their entire e-cig products orders. Such small amounts may hardly seem worthwhile, especially when you consider what it sometimes takes to land coupon deals.

If you have faced similar frustrations, you need to understand that you are not alone—a lot of people don’t understand how they can maximize their savings when using coupons. Without much ado, therefore, below are a few strategies that you can leverage on to get the most of your e-cig coupons:

1. Avoid Being Loyal To A Brand

When you opt for coupon codes, there are high chances that you are looking for ways to save some cash for other things in life. Accordingly, this is not the right time to be loyal to a given brand. Your goal is to save some money, and you can’t do much if you pass good deals simply because you prefer a different e-cig brand. If you can buy an e-cig brand or a necessary accessory for free or at a price that’s close to free, you shouldn’t worry about your favorite brands; just capitalize on the savings.

2. Never Chase every Great Deal

Only buy what you need. By going after every great deal, you will end up buying items that you don’t need or buy items that will expire before you get a chance to use them. What’s more, jumping on every e-cig deal will lighten your wallet, and defeat the whole purpose of couponing.

To avoid the temptation of going after miscellaneous deals, know exactly what you are going to buy before you enter the e-cig store, buy it, and get out of the store. Staying in the store for too long will expose you to their marketing ploys, and you may end up buying unnecessary items or spending more money.

3. Understand Your Price Points

For every c-cig item in the store, you need to understand the following:

• Average Price: Understand the average price of the e-cig brands and accessories that you use on a daily basis. If possible, strive to keep a list of the average prices of the products that you often purchase. When coupons on the products go on offer, you will be better equipped to establish whether the offer is really a deal.

• Maximum Price: Understand the maximum price that you would ever pay for a given product. Strive to buy only one or two items at this price, and only when necessary.

• The Deal Price: This is usually the price that you should pay for a product when it is on sale and you happen to have a coupon. If the sale meets your preferences or qualification for the deal price, you can go ahead and purchase enough to last you until your next purchase.

• Stock-up/Rock Bottom Price: when the sale on a given e-cig product and a coupon results into the lowest price that you might not find anywhere else, buy as many items as you can afford.


Couponing is a great skill that can benefit you irrespective of the item that you choose to purchase. In the e-cig industry, bigger players such as the Vapor 4 Life Coupons 2018 and Volcano E Cigs Coupon Codes are known to provide latest and greatest season offers that you will never find anywhere else. To take advantage of their rare offers, you can sign up for their mailing lists to automatically enter coupon related contests and get some of the latest deals first! Signing for saving or reward cards can also go a long way in getting you additional coupon deals.

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