Coupon codes for Shein, Lauren Silva, & more

Save on Online Shopping with a Coupon Code at Stores like Shein and Lauren Silva

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Let me ask you, have you ever gotten to the checkout page while shopping on a website and noticed there was a spot for a coupon code but didn’t have one? What if I told you it’s easier to find one than you might have thought? And no you don’t have to sign up for 100 different mailing lists, although that is one way to go about it. Since we are all shopping online for at least a little while longer I thought I’d go over some of my favourite online stores to use a coupon at and the fastest way to find them.

For everyday wear: Shein

For your day to day clothing needs, I think that you can’t beat Shein on price and selection. Their catalog is absolutely massive, if anything I feel overwhelmed by choice sometimes. Since their prices are so low though my clothing budget can go farther and I can get more items than I can at other stores. That’s a good tip actually: go in with a set budget in mind. Say to yourself, “Self, we’re only going to spend $100 or less at Shein today” and stick to that. You can actually get several items from Shein for that amount, especially if you find a good promo code. Have an idea of what you are looking for that day, go directly to those sections, and try not to get distracted by anything shiny. Especially on the home page, they are going to try and grab your attention.

Use coupons to save while online shopping at stores like Shein, Lauren Silva, and more

Now I’ve heard some people complain that Shein is ‘fast fashion’ and the quality is not great, and I agree it’s not Prada or Chanel. But, for a student that does not have a lot of money to spend on clothing it allows me to be able to wear cute outfits on a daily basis, which I appreciate.

For lingerie: Lauren Silva

When I tell people about Lauren Silva I’m surprised to hear that most of them have never heard of the company before. It’s been one of my favourite brands for years. They don’t have the marketing budget of Victoria’s Secret I suppose, but that’s because they’ve put that money into selling quality products at a fantastic price instead. I like the bras that they carry much more, and they are definitely priced better. You don’t realize how much wearing a crappy bra has been negatively affecting your life until you make the switch to a good one! And needless to say you need to measure yourself and make sure you are wearing the right size. Nobody likes a band that digs into your ribs or shoulder straps that leave marks on your shoulders. They have fantastic guide on how to measure yourself properly for a bra on the website, you’ll need a dressmaker’s tape measure.

In addition to their great prices, Lauren Silva offers coupon codes semi-regularly that makes them even better. If they are in between promotions, check the clearance section. They usually have some amazing deals there as well.

For shoes: Sam Edelman

I happen to think that a good pair of shoes is an investment. I mean, think about it. You are going to be wearing them a lot. And if you do a lot of walking like I do, you definitely want them to be comfortable. So shoes are an area where I’m willing spend a little extra money to get a really good quality pair that will last me a long time. Sam Edelman does not have the lowest prices in town, but they do make a damn good pair of shoes. If you wait until you have a coupon code or they put on a good sale you can save a lot.

I have the Laguna boots and they are amazing: super comfortable, they look cute with tons of outfits, and they’re waterproof. I live in the Pacific Northwest and take public transit so it’s very important to have a good pair of shoes that won’t leave my feet soaked while I’m in class all day. I find rubber boots to be very uncomfortable to wear for more than a short while, and every pair I’ve had has cracked within a month or two making them no longer waterproof. Even the expensive ones that rhyme with ‘Punter’! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I was frustrated and started to do some research. That’s when I came across Sam Edelman and their waterproof Laguna boots, and I’ve never looked back.

How to find coupon codes

Ah yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I will now reveal my secret for finding coupon codes that work (almost) every time! Drumroll please….it’s Google. I just Google the company’s name plus ‘coupon code’ and see what comes up. That’s it. 99% of the time I will have a working code from the very first site I visit. Never make a purchase online again without searching for a discount code first!