Ancestry coupons for family tree building

At Home Projects for Less: Build a Family Tree Using Coupons

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Well, my last post was about the advantages of shopping in department stores, and that’s not really an activity I’d recommend right now. However saving never goes out of style and I was looking for some unique projects to do at home when I came across these Ancestry coupons.

How to Use an Coupon

It’s pretty simple, just click on the link above there to visit the page with all the Ancestry promo codes. Click on the button under any coupon offer to copy the code and be taken to Once you are on their homepage click on anything that says “Start your free trial” or “Subscribe” or “Sign-Up” to set up your profile. Oh yes, they have two week free trial so you can test out the service first. If you decide that building a family tree isn’t for you, then no problem you can just cancel before your trial is up and you won’t be charged anything.

You’ll need to create a profile and provide some payment information to set up your account. Once you get to get to the checkout page there will be a link that says ‘Have a coupon code’ just underneath where your order total is. Click on that to expand the box, paste your discount code in, and then click on the ‘Apply’ button to see your updated total. That’s it!

build your family tree with coupons

Do I need to do the DNA test?

Nope! and Ancestry DNA are owned by the same company and can work together, but they are actually two different services. As it’s name would suggest Ancestry DNA is the genetic testing side of the company, you can send in a saliva sample for them to analyze. About 6 weeks later they will email you a report with your genetic make-up. Depending on how much you know about your family history there can be some fun surprises. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t do the DNA test if you want to, I’m just saying that you don’t have to. The DNA test usually runs around $130, but sometimes you can get it on sale for less, particularly around holidays such as Mothers Day.

On the other side of things we have which is the genealogy service. They have a massive database of historical records, and this is where you can do the concrete family tree building work. is a subscription service, you can choose to pay monthly or for 6 months at a time. You save a bit by paying for more time up front, and if you use a discount code it’s usually not too bad. Usually about $18/month.

How does it work?

You can start really simple, there are people who have found incredible things out just by starting with the names of their parents and grandparents. The more information you can give it, the more hints that they can give you though. Your hints show up as leaf icons, and then if they pan out you can add them to your family tree. Sometimes you can find old photographs and newspaper articles in addition to records and official documents. I really liked these as they really added colour to these people and made me feel like I had actually known them. Even if you’re not 100% sure of the name or detail of a distant relative, put it in and see if the database can find anything.

There are a public Family Trees on if you want to see what a finished one looks like. You can put in a search for a name and location, or look at one of someone famous.

Get started with your free trial and have fun!

I can write all about using (and I really did have fun finding out about my family history) but I think the best thing is for you to just try it for yourself. With a free trial you have nothing to lose! What else are you going to do right now? See if Netflix has anything new for the 100th time? Use one of the coupons, and get to it! Stay home and stay safe out there friends.