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Kidz Gear – Review + Giveaway

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Do you take long trips with children? Do your children love to watch movies, listen to music, play games on the iPads but often the noise gets to you? If so we have found the best headsets for kids around.

KIDZGEAR is one of the top headset manufactory’s for kids headphones:

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Kidz Gear is about delivering a line of products and accessories with adult product features, performance and quality levels, but available at a price-point in-line with products for children. As many parents have, I too have purchased “toy” products for my children: headphones, binoculars, flashlights — only to find they were poorly manufactured, using substandard if not even dangerous components and materials. Obviously, I was tired of purchasing toys and could not afford to give my children my “adult” versions of these products. I decided there was a need to meet in the middle with high-quality, fully functional and ergonomically designed products that are value-priced and in the sizes and styles kids will love! Thus the birth of Kidz Gear: Grown-Up Performance, Built For Kids! as quoted by mom and creator Laurie Peterson off the Kidz Gear Website .

We were sent the two pack as pictured above they do come in single packages as well. The children which we tested the products out on absolutely love them. Not only were they a hit with the kids but the parents were happy with them as well. My brother and sister n law were headed out on a trip to Chicago, with little ones of their own they knew it would be a long 8 hour ride. When I took the Kidz Gear headsets to them they were excited to see that their trip just got better. Now they could put the IPAD players on in the back and not have to listen to the same movies over and over. The kids would be happy and so would the parents. The headphones are light enough for your little ones head to wear without being too big and clunky. They are designed to fit numerous head sizes so they will grow with your child which makes the investment even better. They offer specific controls which can be used with Apple Products, IPODS I phones and I pads. As long as your product offers a 3.5 mm headphone jack you will be able to use the headsets. Worried about your little ones hearing don’t worry. The headsets are 20% less than the actual ability of the audio devices maximum volume.


I along with my brother and sister n law would highly recommend the products from Kidz Gear . Now be sure to like them on facebook, and check out their website soon you too will have the opportunity to win a set too during our birthday giveaway June10 to June 25.

I was given the opportunity to review the above products , I was asked to provide an honest review. I was not paid for my opinions only supplied a product to test. All opinions are my own honest opinions.