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The Miracle Music Math System For Kids

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Have a newborn to 2 year old in your house? If so this product is designed for your child. Heidi’s songs is a revolutionary new method of using specialized music to help expand your baby’s brain potential. Its Your BABYS earliest Math and Physics Teacher. Also a passive learning system that simply plays in the background. baby-looking-up

These CDs are scientifically engineered sequences of tones that allow your child an early opportunity to understand the foundation of math. In other words, the earlier you provide musical training of this type, the more of a jump start your child gets in higher level thinking skills.

Through scientifically-designed sequences of musical tones, Heidi’s songs’ audio recordings present the foundations of spatial relationships, symmetry, distance, proportion, motion, depth perception, inclusion, resolution, cause and effect, binary relationships, and more.

This Math system allows them to start crawling earlier, walking earlier. It gives your baby a jump start to understanding math and physics concepts faster and easier. You feel confident in knowing that your baby has the advantage in learning. Its known for building a better foundation for the early understanding of space, distance , time, proportion, depth perception, cause and effect, motion, problem solving and more.

I have a 10 month old nephew and a 2 1/2 year old niece. This disc has been played for both of them. We didn’t start it right at birth as we should have so they have not listened to it since the beginning. However the amount of time that they have listened to it we have noticed that they are doing things faster for their ages then most children who have not. My nephew is trying to walk, I have a feeling if he had been listening to the cd all 10 months he would already be walking. He learns things a lot quicker its definitely been a benefit to both of their lives. They are picking things up a lot faster.

The 4 disc set is 59.97 plus bonus mp3 download of all 4 disc!

I highly recommend purchasing this SYSTEM. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Heidi’s Songs is allowing one of my fans to win this product to so watch for it during the birthday bash giveaway June 10 to June 24! You may be the one who wins this! View their website here.